John Alberto Torres discredits the cause he claims to support - justice - to promote himself. And when I confronted him about it, he straight lied to my face, which I will get to.

But first, everything in this article Torres has written is garbage. Anybody who has ever been victimized in a crime, and reported it, knows it is possible for a person to touch everything in a room and not leave any fingerprints. Real life is not a movie or a TV show, where everyone leaves fingerprints. But Torres lives in this world of entertainment, not of truth, and thereby discredits other people doing serious work to improve the justice system.

They say it was a bad lineup, and Kim Hallock was not with Crosley long enough to know what he looked like. It is a lot quicker to imprint your face on the person sitting next to you, than by chance leave any clear fingerprint on an irregular surface. Especially when Kim drove the car after Crosley.

And they say Crosley cannot drive stick shift? What 30-year-old man in 1989 cannot drive stick shift? They say they were not together long enough for Kim to pick Crosley out of a lineup. Okay, so they literally only had to shift into first gear one time. And Kim told her parents she shifted for him, because she was stoned and afraid and naive. Crosley does not mind revving the truck at 5,000 rpm's or tearing up the gears, it is going to be Chip Flynn who wants him to shift.

It was such a long drive Crosley had to shift and leave fingerprints, but not long enough for Kim to recognize him. And Chip's stick pattern was unique, nobody else in the world could drive it. This according to Tim Curtis who originally said Crosley did it. These contradictions do not embarrass people like Torres at all, because they make a great feelgood story which he can attach himself to. Torres does not care that saying contradiction after contradiction makes the innocence movement in general look like fake TV garbage which no serious person listens to.

Kim Hallock was not the "only witness". There were witnesses who witnessed things like Crosley Green being in the park, Crosley Green confessing to the crime. These were real witnesses who were out on the street, not coerced in custody. Torres does not want to post their sworn testimony online for you to know about, he wants to pretend their testimony doesn't exist.

Torres also does not want you to know what Deputy Rixey originally swore to, that he never met or spoke to Kim Hallock, or investigated the case to know anything about it. Torres won't post any of those actual sworn statements online. Instead Torres wants you to believe that Chip Flynn who was face down and minutes from death, was perfectly lucid. Flynn supposedly had not even moved from where he was shot. If Chip were really lucid 55 minutes after being shot and five minutes before dying, then he could have stood up and walked out of there immediately after being shot and before bleeding internally. He could have at least rolled over onto his back, which medical literature says is the most comfortable for people with breathing trouble.

There was not a shootout that should have left shell casings. Chip was disabled by having his hands tied behind his back, lying on the ground. Anybody could have shot him dead center in one shot. Anyone could have easily taken his gun off him, which was a revolver, and killed him with one shot. All the extra shots were from Chip Flynn shooting a revolver behind his back at air. A revolver does not leave casings. And police are not reliable anyway, according to the whole Torres narrative. So their documentation of the scene is not reliable.

Kim Hallock's testimony did not "fall apart" as Torres has claimed elsewhere. If Kim Hallock were lying, all she had to say is "We drove out to the orange grove and a black guy came up and shot Chip." Instead, Kim Hallock told a 100-page story with dozens of details at multiple locations. And all the details are consistent, they fit together more than Kim Hallock could invent or even comprehend.

The main problems in Kim's story come from Kim working at the courthouse, and her father is a youth sports coach, and her brothers are schoolteachers, and Chip's uncle is a cop. So Kim wanted to hide that she went to the park that night to buy weed, most likely from Crosley Green. And Kim probably left out buying paraphernalia and calling the dealer at the gas station. And we know Kim is shy and leaves out the sex. So she probably also left out being raped that night, while the door was closed and Chip was scooting across the bench seat. And she left out that the door was closed, and Chip fell out when she opened it, and she knew Chip was shot, and she left him anyway.

That is how many details there are in Kim's story, and dozens more. And they do not fall apart, they fit together. And I have proved they fit together, in two hours of videos. But nobody will watch my videos, because truth is more tedious than entertainment. The truth does not make the listener feel special or morally superior, or have any role. The truth tells the listener what the jury already figured out 30 years ago. Boring!

Finally, Torres talks about previous wrongful convictions in the 18th Judicial Circuit. But Torres himself is an enabler of wrongful convictions, to the extent he cozies up to current elected State Attorney Phil Archer. Phil Archer is a newsmaker. And therefore, having access to Archer, and rapport with Archer, is more important to Torres than right and wrong. So Torres pretends all evil in the 18th occurred before Phil Archer, to protect his access. Even though a psychotic felon-in-possession in uniform shot AJ Crooms and Sincere Pierce through the side of their car, and Phil Archer still has nothing to say about it four months later. Even though there are perhaps 50 proven instances of perjury by 10 people in the 2019 Mandi May Jackson case, which Archer is aware of and ignores.

But innocent white girls do not make a good narrative. John Alberto Torres claims to stand up for young females against sexual predators. Torres claims to be a protector of vulnerable young girls against evil aggressive men. And then Torres turns around and incites a mob against a stoned teenage girl who was the victim of a crime. Incites a mob against her incessantly for decades, for clicks. Because Torres is a peddler of feelgood, not truth, and he will run along with whatever the flow of the most marketable narrative is, and do whatever he needs to do to stay in business.

Torres is one step above most other failing newspapers, who just embellish lying police reports and call it investigative reporting. They all cater to the mob, which is why guilt is supposed to be decided by independent juries, not by consumers whipped up by news reporters with hearsay. But Torres cares not one bit about due process, but only his own role, elevating himself to decide who is guilty and innocent, and then stir up a mob in the public square.

I did what Torres said to do, I called the number at the bottom of the article, and told Torres all his evidence claims were garbage. Torres then had the audacity to call me back, and say "Crosley Green was just released from prison, so the judge agrees with me."

No judge released Crosley Green based on anything having to do with fingerprints or a stick shift. A judge released Crosley Green as a result of a discovery violation. Because a judge cares about something Alberto Torres does not care about: Due process. People like Torres will point to things like coerced witnesses recanting and police lying all day. But Torres will never suggest any of those people should be punished, to restore due process. No, those people are sources for Torres, they make his story for him. And they give Torres the role of deciding guilt in whatever way proves the most profitable to him.

No judge agrees that Crosley Green can't drive a stick shift. These shameless lies, like Torres saying a judge agrees with hearsay, discredit the innocence movement. And it hurts thousands of innocent people who never get due process, many them recently under Phil Archer, who Torres is not interested in because there is no role for him selling clicks.

Torres boasts that he has been telling the Crosley Green story for decades. And big surprise, the 18th Judicial Circuit is still convicting innocent people with lies, and the majority does not care and wants more of it. And Torres is selling as many clicks as ever. Thanks to Torres's great storytelling, nothing has changed. One guilty man has gotten due process after 30 years of work, and the destruction of an innocent teenage girl with lies like mean girls in Iran.

Torres thinks that stoned teenage girls, not mobs against due process, are the achilles heel of the justice system.

Don't ask Torres to post the Crosley DNA evidence, he will only embarrass himself with more lies, and discredit the innocence movement even worse than he already has. It is hard, costly work to promote innocence and truth, and not a lot of fun.

A known sociopath and compulsive violent predator of random small children, with a unique history of successfully inventing people who didn't exist, invented an obviously ridiculous story about a person who didn't exist. And you somehow shoehorn that to be the best explanation of everything in life, to believe a girl shot her boyfriend.

Learn more about the Chip Flynn Murder here, and watch a reenactment of the shooting.